nathan lyle

My Direction

Lonliness fills my heart like a river.
Always flowing, and never resting.
Sometimes I think I've found what I need,
but as always, it floats right by.
God has given me enough talent,
I can work sound to express feelings.
Half of my life, I owe to this.
The other half, is empty.
It's only worse, knowing what I need.
If I had someone to share life with,
everything would be as heaven.
Every moment would be complete.
Someone to tell me things will be all right,
at the times when I feel like quitting.
Someone to share love with,
every minute in this life.
Why does it seem that God gives me only one,
when those two are all I ask for?
One without the other isn't enough.
Like an ocean without water.
Or a sky without air.
Everything in creation is paired.
Except, sometimes it seems, me.
For some reason, I've been left lonely.
Maybe God has a good reason.
Maybe this is all for my own good.
But I won't pretend to understand it.
Being only me, so small, so insignificant.
Water, under the bridge, still flowing,
For eternity, never knowing,
Where it will go.