nathan lyle

A Long, Dark Night

Sometimes, eternity merges with the moment.
And memories twine with the present.
It is at this time, that future loses meaning.
And becomes a distant disillusionment.
What calls a soul to stand this vigil?
What part of human nature becomes so lost?
I don't know why my past returns.
Or why I entomb long ago thoughts.
Yet it's clear to me that the road must be travelled.
To the last mile, where ever it ends.
Glancing down each alley on th eway,
Considering, what the voices meant.
And the voices! Ever they haunt.
The overpowering whispers of the heart.
The voices are my own, and yet, they're not me.
So close, and still, so apart.
But again, as it always does, time fades away.
Reality, seeps back, with the light.
And now, another day, calls to be passed.
Again, it's been a long, dark night.