nathan lyle
The Pages In Between

The Pages In Between

Everything here is in "demo" version... including the artwork. These are songs I would like to record with a studio band at some point in the near future. I'm still currently recording some of the demo versions, and looking for the right musicians to team up with for this project. For the demos I just have piano and vocals as I don't want to pin down the other parts before finding the right players. I'm envisioning these songs with a soft pop/jazz/rock feel (how's that for specific?) and some of the piano will change a bit to fit the final rhythm section.

Now and Then

Sometimes it's fun to embrace a few cliches. I found it a bit amusing that even when I try to play something up-tempo, it comes out sounding sad. I'm like the anti-banjo.

Running Out

Every relationship we have is a part of us, no matter how far in the past it's become.

The Pages In Between

There's two kinds of people - those that skip to the end of the book and those who have some semblance of self control. I go back and forth.

No One I Know

Sometimes I get a little drunk and sit down and make a thing at the piano without really knowing fully where it comes from. It just feels familiar. In this case it ended up being a conglomeration of feelings about all kinds of family relationships.

Don't Know

This started off as a three lines of silliness I improvised when I was testing a new microphone. But later it picked at my brain until it turned into a whole song.

What Do I Know

I'm really bad at editing a song when it's "done"... but sometimes I force myself to and am happy with the results. In this case, the chorus was from a song years ago that I didn't like because of the verses, so I wrote a new song around the chorus instead.

Chasing The Moon
Eyes On What's Gone
First Time
Left You Behind