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Sundry & Assorted

Sundry & Assorted Songs

These are miscellaneous songs that got recorded for one reason or another, that were largely written and recorded after 2016 while living in Toledo. Some might make their way into future projects in an improved form (recorded at a better quality or with different instruments included, etc.)

Now and Then

Sometimes it's fun to embrace a few cliches. I found it a bit amusing that even when I try to play something up-tempo, it comes out sounding sad. I'm like the anti-banjo.

Running Out

Every relationship we have is a part of us, no matter how far in the past it's become.

The Pages In Between

There's two kinds of people - those that skip to the end of the book and those who have some semblance of self control. I go back and forth.

No One I Know

Sometimes I get a little drunk and sit down and make a thing at the piano without really knowing fully where it comes from. It just feels familiar. In this case it ended up being a conglomeration of feelings about all kinds of family relationships.

Don't Know

This started off as a three lines of silliness I improvised when I was testing a new microphone. But later it picked at my brain until it turned into a whole song.

What Do I Know

I'm really bad at editing a song when it's "done"... but sometimes I force myself to and am happy with the results. In this case, the chorus was from a song years ago that I didn't like because of the verses, so I wrote a new song around the chorus instead. Would like to come up with more instrument parts yet, but this is the main idea.

A Minor Noodling

I've enjoyed playing randomly in minor keys ever since highschool... A minor is a good one because playing all white or all black keys always makes improvisation easier. Plus, I've always felt that A minor somehow expressed my emotional voice best.

Huff Daddy

Originally written and played years ago at an open mic I frequented, referencing a bunch of the regulars there... the chorus was from a song that the guy some called Huff Daddy often played. This was fun to get everyone together and jamming on.

My Only Sunshine (cover)

It seems like there's a ton of different verses people have written for this song over the years, I figured I'd tweak a second verse (and some of the wording) for my own version...