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Sundry & Assorted

Sundry & Assorted Songs

These are miscellaneous songs that got recorded for one reason or another, that were largely written and recorded after 2016 while living in Toledo. Some might make their way into future projects in an improved form (these are essentially "scratch" demos, meant to make sure I didn't forget how they mainly were supposed to go.)

Dancing Out of Reach

This song started as a way to keep my brain occupied while driving back to Toledo from a trip to the U.P., the first two lines came together in my head as I passed over the Mackinac Bridge. I have no idea who or what it's actually about.

No Worries

Proof I'm an optimist - I write a song reassuring a love I don't have that everything will be ok when at the moment of writing it I don't feel like it will be. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

My Only Sunshine (cover)

It seems like there's a ton of different verses people have written for this song over the years, I figured I'd tweak a second verse (and some of the wording) for my own version...

A Minor Noodling

I've enjoyed playing randomly in minor keys ever since highschool... A minor is a good one because playing all white or all black keys always makes improvisation easier. Plus, I've always felt that A minor somehow expressed my emotional voice best.

Huff Daddy

Originally written and played years ago at an open mic I frequented, referencing a bunch of the regulars there... the chorus was from a song that the guy some called Huff Daddy often played. This was fun to get everyone together and jamming on.