nathan lyle


December 28th, 2010

A place exists where the weather is still,
but the whether or not replaces and fills
the eternal moment where decisions take shape.
You never know if you visit alone
this quiet expanse of ruins and stone,
since no two feet the same path ever take.
It's a world of our own where choices are made,
temptation is faced and debts can be paid,
and time, though stalled, can't be undone.
Some people seek it for most of their life,
while others wake up there every damn night—
it's the place that your future becomes.
It's a place that can either give or take away,
depending on the seed of the decision to be made,
and it's not somewhere you want to make home.
It's a place where words are guaranteed to fail,
and all the best arguments just chase their tails
and I've been avoiding it by writing this poem.