nathan lyle

Cut & Paste

March 6th, 2002

on my Way out the front door i often see
the picture of My Children their smiles and me
captured a YEAR ago on one of my weekends

sometimes it's a glance and a fuzzy Warm buzz
Other times a Gazillion billion memories of us
nothing grabs me like Thoughts of them can

the funny thing is that the picture's a fake and
it's Pieces and parts of at least two that i'd taken
and put together with Computer and print

that happy moment so Expressive and dear
that grins from my WALL from year to ear
never Happened the way that it did

but the Photo is proof more than Memory or word
it sits there unchanged despite what's said or heard
so where's the real and what's true

and of all else i've known or believed OR passed on
Beyond what i Remember and what's now long gone
where is the PROOF i didn't make you