nathan lyle

A Familiar Chaos

February 15th, 2002

Whoever said that silence was quiet?
They never spent evenings in this bed,
surrounded by a blanket of dark
that trapped heat and thoughts without discrimination.
I thought maybe thinking harder
would push these busy bodies away
faster and give room to let go! No.
Always more where those came from.
First thoughts lie so innocently,
just ponderings to fill the void
and next thing you know they brought family.
Thinking about things is one thing,
but then what about those thoughts?
And don't forget about aspects of those
thoughts themselves inside out and Mobius.
Impressed with themselves for their insight,
they all shout for a prize...
It's not the size that matters,
but the motion of the notion never letting go and
so on and so on it goes
like the last few minutes of a game of Tetris.
Whatever end the tempo rushes near to
never comes, up I get again.
Run away, not to a place but to busy,
until I can sneak around my distracted brain
and collapse in the folds
of the noisy blanket of dark reminders...