nathan lyle


September 22nd, 1998

The other night when I was challenging the Lake that without
thought takes a life just as soon as it calms one I think
I saw you in the countless waves
And it's ironic since just an hour before that I was running
from you and trying to ignore what I know I can't escape
and I admit I chose to go to that place
As usual with knees unbending everything that shouts mine
was forced to stop pretending that there was a point to
maintaining a hope for dreams recovered
but in your uncaring mind did you notice the one
little spark that now voices all that's left of my hope
so much more than I thought I still owned
it was when I screamed at you instead of accepting
and the way I felt when I began letting myself get
pissed off and now you're a Universe who's been fairly warned
I'm not done yet