nathan lyle

Handling the Cold

January 23rd, 1995

The snow is falling like the shreds of my good mood
I watch them both through frozen eyes
Where is the fire that carried me through last year's cold?
Am I about to see a change in my life?
When I think about it, things are pretty much the same
Except for this growing discontent
The more I understand, the more I see I haven't changed
I haven't made it to the springtime yet
I sit and watch the children playing outside in the snow
Oblivious to any future death
Sometimes they look at the window and see me watching
through a pain that holds on to my breath
It's been a long time since I've played out in the snow
Ignoring the cold and just having fun
If they and I were put on trial to see who made the best of the day
It's not hard to see who will have won