nathan lyle

Shared Pain

Searing pain, hate, and lies,
why so much, in so many eyes?
I've been through enough, to know myh place,
all my past, is told on my face.
I try to forget, all the things that went wrong,
but I think, that I've lived with it, for a little too long.
Sometimes, when I'm depressed, and lost,
after riding the storm, being torn and tossed,
I can listen to your voice, you sound so sure,
that life will turn right, your heart is so pure.
There are so many things that I've wanted to say,
but for some reason, I've never found a way.
Sometimes I just want to talk, about everything on my mind,
yet, for some reason, something stops me, every time.
Hopefully, some day, I'll have you at my side,
and we can share, why each of us cried.