nathan lyle

I Love You

I love you.
What good does it do, saying these words?
Only so much nose. They're always heard.
They've been said and beleived, so many times,
but when are they truth, when are they lies?
Lately, I've wanted to say them to you,
but I've been pretty sure you wouldn't think it was true.
Long before yesterday, those words I would say,
but when we met trouble, I gave up, and ran away.
And now thinking back, my mem'ry is cruel,
my happiest moments, now a torturer's tool.
My heart feels so empty, my days are depressed,
I feel like I'm running, never stopping to rest.
Yet I have no direction, I can only look back,
always remembering, the good that we had.
I'd rather not see, than be blind of the heart,
I know see my future, but without you it's dark.
I know I was wrong, I see my mistakes,
I know you don't care, that too, my heart breaks.
And kicking myself, not knowing what to do,
I can only dream of saying, I, love, you.