nathan lyle

Forever Memory

Things still amaze me,
like the way you read my mind.
I almost don't have to say it,
because you guess it all the time.
But even so, there is still so much
you don't really know about me.
When you start to see my past,
I won't be who you thought I'd be.
But I still feel, you have the right,
to find out before it's too late,
to know the truth about who I am,
and to find out I'm not that great.
I don't know, how things will work out,
but remember me if they don't,
because if we can't make things work right
you may forget us, but I won't.
No matter what happens to my mind,
against anything anyone might say,
your face and name are in my heart,
and they could never, be taken away.