nathan lyle


I heard the cry of a morning dove,
as I was sitting, I thought, by myself.
But as I continued to listen,
I began to hear someone else.
Looking around for the voice's owner,
I saw only the dove, on the ground.
Yet again I heard the words,
this time, a meaning, with the sound.
I heard the words "I love you,"
and the dove seemed not afraid,
as I walked over, and sat down,
and I realized, the friend I'd made.
For an eternity which now seems brief,
the dove and I sang, together.
But cutting short our harmony,
the dove took air under feather.
The next I knew, I was all alone,
feeling empty, scared, and confused.
I didn't even understand what I'd lost.
But I decided the one thing to do.
Returning to my bench, I searched the sky,
wishing for just a glimpse,
but never returned, the dove, that day,
or any other day, ever since.
But now I've come to realize,
the meaning of that day.
And although I'll never lose the mem'ries,
I know anything can be taken away.
So I take my steps with caution now,
and give thanks for all that's given me.
But never again will I take that chance,
to this day, it's that thought, that has driven me.