nathan lyle

An Apology & a Promise

Sometimes, I know, in my all too human way,
I take for granted, or I shrug away,
a gift God's given me. And no small thing!
He's given me you, and the love you bring.

Yet, at times I forget, and my soul loses way,
my heart falls alseep, while my mind goes astray.
But even when lost, when words fly unheeded,
I'm still here with love, for you, when it's needed.

In you my heart finds shelter, strength, and dreaming.
Without you, I know, my life loses meaning.
You and I together, can take hold of what's afar,
standing on trust, we can reach any star.

So when next it seems, a wrong note has played,
just remember these words, and the mem'ries we've made.
And believe with your heart, your soul, and mind,
God's given us to each other. I'm yours, you're mine.