nathan lyle

September 20, 2012

We drift along oblivious to the sea of particles that we and our world consist of,
mistaking the crashing waves of energies and interactions for solid objects we can comprehend.
We imagine that we move along a long line that stretches from our mother's womb,
to the moment that our lungs refuse to breathe and our heart reaches it's rhythm's end.
But imagine the possible differences that escape each day like a burst of birds,
from the undergrowth along the path we feel our feet are compelled to follow...
Each insignificant miniscule particle could at any moment change it's spin,
and an avalanche of other worlds could easily become our new tomorrow.
It's easy to miss the importance that the connections and relationships really have,
so caught up on the bigger picture of our imagined reasons and chosen meaning,
but if you want to find the truth of the Why, or the How, or What Could Change,
the something bigger than you that you're looking for is hiding in everything you're seeing.