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Free Wood

Free Wood

Back in the early 2000's I spent a lot of time at a few open mics in Marquette. At one point, I found out that being funny was easier than being a musician. I ended up writing a bunch of silly songs that went over infinitely better than my depressing dirty laundry I typically played. It was a love hate thing for me though, because it felt like selling out. I wanted to be a serious musician, and while I pride myself on a strong sense of humor, being a comedian was never my goal. In any case, these were my favorites that I came up with during that time.

The recordings currently posted here are from back around the same time period... when I get to finishing this project I'll be re-recording them, though I haven't decided whether to do just acoustic guitar and vocals, or give them the "whole band" treatment.

Pickup Line

Probably the one song I ever had that got requested frequently. By women, for whatever reason.

Bosom Buddies

It's amazing how many euphemisms there are for boobs.

Dear John

I wrote this song on the toilet. It seemed appropriate. Though some bathrooms really aren't built for holding a guitar while you sit on the throne.


There was an informal song writing contest to see who could write the best lesbian song. This one won. Or, it's just a song about my cat.

Sniffing the Glue

The first song I wrote that led me to going for humor. And one of my favorite lines I've written. "Sniffing the glue that holds my life together.""

Pleasey Bypass This Heart

I'm not a country fan, but it turns out you can use Country song titles to write a Country song.

Johnny Apple Seed