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The Drinker's Hymnal

The Drinker's Hymnal

Songs written around the year 2000 or so, at the height of my beer & music self medication. Most of these were songs I'd perform at various open mics in Marquette at the time. I don't know how well they hold up, but they were all ones I felt deserved some sort of preserving for posterity. The recordings here are all older ones, from various times. If the project gets made, they will all be done right.


Written toward the end of my first marriage, digging deep for a glimmer of optimism, but not really.


Probably one of the first songs that I started singing at open mics that was blatantly personal. I think it made people uncomfortable. One of many that will need to be re-arranged for a lower key - not only did I used to try to sing like my 80's heros, I also used to have a handful more notes at the upper end of my range. Age does things to a guy.

Kelly K

Written for the woman who ran the bar & restaurant where an open mic was often held... hopefully it helps to make up for teaching one of her kids how to make fart noises with a straw in the armpit.


Some songs are just really fun to play on an acoustic guitar. I don't know why, but this one makes it easy for me to just zone out while playing it. I think it might be because the song is kind of a personal anthem, lol

Look Both Ways

Originally written at about 3am on the couch, half drunk, after being out at an open mic, singing and playing the acoustic guitar really quietly to try to not wake up everyone else in the house.

The Flow
The Drinker's Hymn
Still Here
Two Thirds Empty
Ashes on Stage