nathan lyle
Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

Many people have felt they were somewhere they didn't belong. For me, that place is Toledo, Ohio. My story about how I came to live in Toledo is a bit convoluted, but there have been many different moods and different situations that have led me to want to be "anywhere but here". Not all the songs are specifically about Toledo, however. Some will be about other places or situations that lead a person to wish to be elsewhere.

I don't have enough songs written to finish this project yet... I've got a sort of bet with myself about whether I finish this before I leave Toledo or not. The recordings here (unless otherwise indicated) are just "scratch" versions, with piano and vocals to make sure I don't forget how they go by the time I record them.

Anywhere But Here

I couldn't help but throw in a little synth on the chorus, otherwise this is just so plain with only piano and singing. Only two parts really, verse and chorus. Needs the full instrumentation treatment.


Almost not really sure what this was written about... I wrote the lyrics down while sitting outside by my little campfire after too much time on Twitter.

Hate To Be
Leaving Ohio
Nobody Here
Tired of the Storm